Ok, so this is just a funny sign I saw in the fish market in Seattle. Never really liked the caveman commercials for Geico, but I find this play off of those quite funny.

This is me(obviously) with my hair down, which is a rare sight. This was our first free day in Seattle, and we'd gone down to the pier to take pictures. It was a lot of fun spending a week there, though if I were to do it again, we'd probably stay in a different district of seatle, since all the restaurants closed at six pm promptly, sometimes earlier, and we always had a hard time finding dinner that was affordable.

I got a haircut. This is the amount of hair that came off. Shocking, huh? Right now on my desktop is an image of flowers that I took a picture of in Pike place market. Soon I'll upload the parade of pigs pictures. That'll probably take awhile though, as there are a lot of them. A LOT of them. Ok, you ready to see me with short hair? Are you???

Ok, so I want to make you scroll a bit. In the picture below, I'm in the international district, in the giant chinese grocery store/mall. You can kind of see everything in the background...I think we're in teakettle land.

This last picture is the picture of Chris and I on our last night in Seattle. Also probably my favorite picture of the trip of us.