Delayed reactions.

Hello one and all who read my blog. I am currently sitting in U.Brew, sipping an apple-raspberry italian cream soda, trying my hardest to avoid homework. This is of course to no avail, since I have none. All I have to do tonight is practicing for my voice lesson tomorrow. What I really really should be doing is going over pronunciation of all my foreign language pieces. Of course that is the last thing I am doing. This requires me to put on headphones and speak aloud a language which no one else understands when I say it, even if they are native speakers. It's alright. Sometime tonight I shall confront my french, my german, and my italian, and I shall attempt to conquer them. If my tongue is sore in the morning, this shall be why. :)

What I would like to be doing, even more than blogging at the moment, is to go get my sketchbook out of my dorm room and head over to shakespeare's garden and draw all that I see there. Or perhaps I'd like to work on the third chapter of my story. I haven't worked on that in awhile, and I fear one of my characters is suspended in time walking home to dinner until I begin the next chapter! As I like this girl, I would prefer to keep her from being suspended long. (This is not a literal telling of what I am writing about. If you care to know what it really is, ask me.)

Well my cream soda is drawing near it's end, and I should too. I think I"ll leave you with this thought. Ask someone to answer a question you don't yet know to ask, and you may get one of three reactions. They may a) look at you strangely and shrug, b) say yes/no, sarcastically, or c) give you a very creative, fun answer to something that you really didn't know about them. Try it sometime. The risk of the first two answers are made worth it by the possibility of the third.