I miss school.

Yes, Kit, I know, I've joined the league of conformity! I have rebelled against rebellion! Oh well. Don't worry, I'm sure it's only temporary. Anyway, let me explain why I miss school. I want to go practice. How sad is that? Ok, maybe not so sad since I have to do that to survive as a performance major. Still, is there something wrong with me? Who cares. I guess I'm stuck. I also miss the whole regular meal time/food intake levels/lower snacking levels. Summer really screws with my schedules. Maybe I'm more anal than I let on? Somehow that's really hard to imagine, especially for me. Oh well. It sounds like I have a nice roommate. I was kind of worried about that, it being USD, but somehow it's worked out. She's a peppy freshman, or at least that's what I've gathered from our one phone conversation. It should be fun. Hey, at least I don't have to learn a new roommate name! Her name is Mary Anderson, and my last roommate was Mary Elston. (For additional knowledge, our neighbor's name was Mary Hiemstra.) I know a lot of mary's. Ok, so now I think I'm going to work out and go to bed. By the way, if anyone has figured out how to fit in a workout at another point in the day when working a full time job, without! having to get up earlier, let me know. Thanks. :) Ok. time to go.