many wanderings.

Well, I've been able to access my blog for quite some time now, and I've done nothing about it. So I guess I should update.

I've started classes, obviously, and I had my first lessons last week. I really like both of my lessons teachers. I have a grad student for piano, and a new prof for voice, and they're both really nice. I practiced piano for two hours yesterday, and voice for about five minutes. Do you think that's a bit imbalanced? Well, in reality, I was told to pick and practice about four songs, practice Hanon, and learn all the sharp major scales this week, while in voice, I was given three warmups to practice, only two of which I can remember since she didn't write them down. That's ok though. I'm also supposed to be journalling about my practice time for voice, so she can keep track of it that way. I haven't started yet, and she expects five per week. I might be in trouble tomorrow at my lesson.

In other classes, well, they're all music too, except bio. So I guess bio is going well. The prof is interesting enough for me to stay awake through his class, for the most part, despite it being my first class in the morning. I've got lab for it with a grad student, so we'll see how that goes.

Back to music Theory, I have a fun older guy who gave me the required software we had to buy for free when the bookstore ran out. Speaking of that, I forgot I have to load it onto my computer before class today, and class is at one. I also have homework for the rest of the class (today is just the lab), and I also have to catch up on reading for bio. I think I"m supposed to be to chapter seven for tomorrows lecture, and I'm on chapter three. Yeah....I better get going.