Much needed updates.

Yay! My sister Susan is having a baby! I get to be an aunt...again! :) I'm very excited.

I'm currently sitting in my apartment, when I should be at class. I woke up late today, and since I know today in this particular class we're just doing group work, which means we sign the attendance sheet and then my group heads off to the library, while I don't necessarily like having the absence on my record, I won't be missing anything. I'll just have to be careful to give myself more time from now on to get ready.

Chris and I are talking about making the wedding invitations...we're both going to make up some samples and go from there. I'm looking at getting this stamp that's made specifically for invitations, that has event, date, time, etc. on it, and then you write beside it. I realize the writing will be time-consuming, but I can always do a few a day once we get started, and just write on the info later, once we've got everything worked out. We'll see.

I've got a big test coming up on Friday, so I think I'm going to go now and review for it. Wish me luck!