Fishy! Wake Up!

Fishy, Wake up! Why are you sleeping??

Ok, I feel like Darla off of Finding Nemo right now. Let me tell you about my recent pets. Well, you all remember Thekthi? Well, Thekthi died over thanksgiving break. I think I gave him a concussion when I changed his water, since there's a rock on the bottom of the bowl, and when I put him back in the tank after changing the water, he hit his head on it. He died two days later.

After that, I meant to get more fish, but I decided to go with goldfish this time around. I waited awhile, and I just bought them Tuesday night. I had not even named them before they were floating belly up. Chris told me that I could return them within 24 hours and get new fish in exchange, so that's what I did. I decided to go with larger fish, in hopes that they would be healthier and live longer. Chris and I named them Orange Juice and Coffee, since one was orange and one was black. They died within about four hours.

After that, I wasn't gonig to get any more fish for awhile, but I decided to try one more time. I got two more large fantail goldfish, and I named them Milk and Cookie. (One was white, one was orange and white.) They died by after about six hours.

Tonight, I returned my fish, and got the money back. After returning fish to Wal-Mart three times in four days, I've officially given up on fish for now.