Creepy poems.

Hey all!

So life at the U. has gotten much more interesting recently. Mary (my roommate) and I have someone writing creepy notes on our board. Poetically. The first note began It's a silent murder, it's a grave that sings your song....and I can't remember the rest of it. But I took a picture of it for evidence, if we ever figure out who's doing it, or if it gets worse. There was also a drawing, before the two poems, but we erased it because we thought someone was just having fun with the markers. And the drawing didn't really look like anything anyway. I redrew it later for Chris and he said it sort of looked like one of those native american rock drawings. So that was rather odd as well. But we've contacted public safety, and they're going to be keeping an eye on our room and the floor, to see if they can figure out who's doing this. Yeah. But the poems are these little four line stanzas that are morbid and creepy.
Oh, and there's also been this same blond guy sitting in the lounge across from our door, who never used to study in there, really I've never seen him, or noticed him, before this, and now he's there constantly. I think it's him. So I wrote down a description of him, and if anything is written up tonight, I"m going to turn in the description and Public Safety can deal with it. Ok, it's late. I'm going to check the board one more time to make sure no one's written on it, then I"m going to bed.