Daily Activities.

Guys, I'm a little disappointed! I figured someone would comment on my shark dinner. Oh well. :)

My days have been a little meh. I'm working on my quilt a little each day...I'm up to 9 rows by 22? (maybe 26) columns. Anyway, it's just getting big enough for me to curl up underneath, were it not for the fact that it's only one layer of material thick.

I'm also in an English class, just a general...I read a bunch of stories, and then I write short essays answering questions about them. Exciting, huh?

I have another class starting next week, one that I actually have to attend, remarkably...two hours a day, four days a week. That one should be alright though, as it's in my major area. Forms and Analysis. Boring, right? Yeah, that's what I've been told it is anyway. Oh well, it'll be something to do.

I'm planning a trip with my mom to ride Amtrak to Seattle, with some stops on the way there and back. I'm really looking forward to that. With the exception that I feel slightly guilty taking that much time off of work.

I'm working at a greenhouse, as I've said before. It's a lot of fun, and it's getting easier. I'm learning more, and it's nice to just be outdoors.

Ok, well, currently, I'm making banana bread, and I think it's about time to take it out of the oven....mmmm.....so I'm gonna go. Bye!