Random stuff, halloween costume

So here's just a random post. I'm sitting in my room listening to "Everything (Is Never Quite Enough)" by Wasis Diop. It's actually a pretty good song....it's off the Thomas Crown Affair soundtrack, which is a good movie, with the exception of the one racy sex scene. Chris is sitting next to me reading some mac forum. We're both eventually going to get to homework, but I think we're both avoiding it right now. I'll get to it within the hour for sure....I need to go over and practice tonight.

Oh, Amanda...Cynical Idealist halloween costume?
Let's see....
I'd have comfortable, open toed shoes, probably my new brown flip-flops, jeans, and a black shirt with a rhinestone pumpkin on it. I'm not much for rhinestones, or pumpkins for that matter, but that's probably the only "Halloween wear" that I would wear...I'd have funky earrings, probably big "chandelier" earrings, and I'd have my hair pinned back into weird curls with about 40 bobby pins. As far as makeup, I'd do black eyeliner under my lids (sounds weird, but it works and looks good) and mascara, maybe some eyeshadow and lipgloss if I feel like making more of an effort. I'd have my nails done cool...probably orange with the pumpkin faces on them, and I'd have my toes painted nice too, I don't know what color. Random other accessories? Some sort of a giant purse, with a book in it, probably Sense and Sensibility, since I'm trying to finish that now, and lots of chapstick and lipgloss, and my wallet and keys.

I think that's about it. I should really get to my homework now.....I don't wanna! Oh well, I don't think my profs care if I want to or not. :)