Dealing with the Stress.

Ok, so here's what's going on in my life. I've got a vocal competition I'm entered in on Saturday. I have a presentation to do in class thursday (this one's cake). I have a five page paper due Monday. I have a ten page paper due two weeks from Thursday. I have german homework nearly every night from a prof who seems to think we have nothing better to do than to bask in German. I have voice juries, essentially my major finals, in three weeks, and finals week in four weeks. In amongst this, I am planning a wedding, and I've begun working at Ace Garden Center again. The garden center opens friday, so everyone, including me, is putting in extra hours to make sure we meet that deadline. We are also apartment hunting right now. Life is fun.

Fortunately, my boss gave me tonight off, and I admittedly skipped german, but I called a friend to find out about the homework, and there is none. So tonight, I've had somewhat of a break. Yes, I should have spent some of it working on papers and my voice stuff, but it was nice to have recuperation time. Chris and I did look at some invitations, but we didn't get very far, which is ok. Tomorrow the craziness will begin again, and much too early I might add, for me to stay up this late, but oh well. I'm enjoying my breather. I'm going to read a chapter in my book, and then go to bed.