100 random thoughts.

In order of thought:

1. I like the new Reese's crunchy bar, but it needs to be way smaller...kind of overwhelming.
2. I know by posting the aforementioned statement that I'll be hearing about how I don't eat right.
3. I have six champagne poppers on my desk, those little things that blow confetti with a bang? And I hate loud noises. :)
4. I used one anyway though.
5. I have an address book on my computer and as a separate book on my desk...I don't really use either.
6. I love buying school supplies. What am I going to do when I graduate?
7. I currently own two computers, since one of them has two funny faded stripes down the screen, and one isn't portable. They balance each other out.
8. Much of my life has been consumed by wedding planning. I have cake images in my file sorter, waiting for me to pick one, and I can't seem to decide.
9. I probably can't decide because in the long run, how important is a piece of cake?
10. I can't exactly remember the flowers I picked out for my bouquet, only the ones I picked out for my sisters.
11. I named two of the stray cats outside my apartment building. One is a Siamese looking cat, and one is a marmalade tomcat. The first's name is Oscar, the second's name is Ralph.
12. Oscar is a girl.
13. I am usually quite good at giving animals fitting names...Oscar answers to her name, and seems to love it, despite it not fitting. Ralph doesn't know his name yet, as I met him today.
14. I'm not crazy, really.
15. Despite my having named two of the many stray cats, I have yet to name the inanimate bears carved out of rock sitting on my computer.
16. I'll have to post a picture of them sometime, that's a terrible description.
17. I have eleven plants, including the one sitting outside my patio door right now.
18. One of my earliest memories is of my parents and my grandparents and I on my fourth birthday, in Arizona. My dad had a business trip and I got to go along.
19. I picked out my own cake, which in retrospect, probably tasted terrible, but I thought it was really pretty because of the giant white frosting roses on it, covering a dusky rose frosting.
20. I have a picture, or I probably wouldn't remember the exact shade of pink.
21. I want to name a daughter of mine Elsa, after my two grandmas, Elsie and Eva.
22. Chris and I both wanted to name our son Jonathan David, before we met each other.
23. I call my room clean right now, but in reality, while the floor is pristine, most of the surfaces are covered with stuff that I've simply run out of room for.
24. At least I can walk in here now...
25. I'm hungry. I need to get breakfast.
26. I've got to complete my english assignment.
27. I don't really understand my english assignment. She asks us to describe something in a phrase, and then extend it into a phrase or phrases. Extend a phrase to a phrase?
28. I'm doing it my own way, since she's going to correct them and we make another draft anyway. Maybe that'll explain it better.
29. My apple pie candle smells good, but I'm not exactly sure it smells like apple pie.
30. My desktop background changes pictures. I like the pictures, but since they've been on there since I got the computer, I'm getting kind of tired of them.
31. I don't like having people for my background though. I feel bad covering them with icons and windows.
32. I've watched certain movies in my collection too many times to count.
33. I watched 10 Things I Hate About You so much that I can quote almost all of it word for word, even the most obscure lines.
34. Such as "Yuppie greed is back, my friend."
35. I used that movie as a paper source once...legitimately.
36. The Cosby Show reminds me a lot of my family.
37. Cliff especially reminds me of my dad.
38. Denise reminds me of Sara...slightly...when she was in college, more so.
39. I have 20.25 GB of music on my computer right now.
40. That could be why I love shuffle so much.
41. It's going to be very hot at work today (73 degrees right now, 81 high).
42. Sunscreen makes it hotter, but it's still necessary, unfortunately.
43. I've got just a little over an hour till work right now, and I should be doing other stuff.
44. Like clean off the countertops in my room.
45. Or go to the laundromat to do laundry.
46. Gummies are good. (candy) (I know, bad for me.)
47. Lime green silly putty is fun.
48. I've officially lost the wick of my candle to the melted pool of wax surrounding it.
49. This is harder to do than I thought it would be!
50. Halfway.
51. All my plants grow at an angle, towards the window.
52. That's why I rotate them.
53. I have seven pictures of my little sister on my wall right now.
54. Three of them are in the christmas letter I've got tacked up there.
55. She's very photogenic.
56. I like dying our hair. Not really though.
57. 57 days till I get married to Chris.
58. Yes, that one was planned.
59. I currently have many cookbooks stacked under my desk, because I wanted to go through and type in recipes into the computer for easier searching.
60. I can't even remember how long they've been there...I think since Christmas.
61. I've taken to wearing my hair tight back in ponytails, mainly because it works for work.
62. I can hardly stand leaving my hair down anymore though.
63. I plan to get it cut after the wedding, but I don't want it short for the wedding, so I have to wait.
64. I refuse to have extensions to have an updo. Only my real hair.
65. I should own a library. There was that little one room library in the south somewhere, that I think I could compete with for number of books.
66. Probably not variety though.
67. Do you have any idea how many songs there are out there that consist of solely the word "Alleluia"? or "Hallelujah"?
68. There was a stamp sticking to the outside of my voice lesson binder. I think it was from inside my purse.
69. Apparently the continuing education school thinks that if you don't get their first e-mail, you might get their second, third, fourth, fifth, or sixth, if sent to the same address.
70. I got them all, and it says not to respond. How do you get them to stop?
71. I have lotion all over my room. All kinds of it! Scented, unscented, for feet, hands, elbows, face, whatever. I should not have to buy any for years to come.
72. It's all in bottles of course. :)
73. I should ride my bike to work today. It's nice out. Though hot.
74. If anyone gets the opportunity, they should listen to the portsmouth sinfonia, and be shocked.
75. They don't sound like it, but they are all professional musicians. They just traded instruments.
76. I paint my contact cases so I can tell left from right in the dark. Nail polish works great.
77. Shark actually tastes really good. They're selling it at Hy-Vee right now, but it's too expensive.
78. Honest Tea is so good! And it comes in a multitude of flavors. The first bottled tea I actually like.
79. I hate Lipton tea.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
80. That tea that Starbucks has is really good though.
81. I kind of want to watch a movie tonight....don't know which one though.
82. I'm back from work now, by the way.
83. I sold a lot of plants today. They're cool.
84. I kind of want cereal after reading Laurie's post today.
85. I enjoy working out, but yet I almost never get myself to do just that.
86. I like biking, and I may do that tonight.
87. I am a chapstick fiend. You would not believe how many I own.
88. You probably would, actually, if I took the time to count, but I'm not going to.
89. Despite the number of chapsticks I own, my lips are chapped right now from work.
90. Shrek the Third is good, but not as good as the first two.
91. I went to the first movie three times in the theater, first with friends, then with my sister Michelle, then to take Michelle and her friends.
92. I have twenty six picture frames on my wall, and five sitting on various countertops.
93. It's 8:40, and I have to go to the mcfadden office before 9, but since I need to shower since I just got off work, who knows if I'll go.
94. They probably don't care that I stink and am covered in dirt.
95. Actually, they should.
96. I'm 21, and I'm wearing a Veggietales shirt.
97. I like black cats. I don't think they're bad luck. They're too pretty.
98. I killed six fish in three days, accidentally.
99. I thought about only doing ninty-nine posts, but that would be cruel.
100. Yay 100!
Bonus 101. Someone had better comment. This took me a long time! ;)