Jonathan David...and TMI. :)

Ok, it's been nearly one month since Jonathan David was born. He's adorable, exhausting, and wonderful. Labor was insanely difficult, but we got through it, without drugs. (Not my choice, but labor progressed too quickly for me to be able to have anything.) He was born, after three hours of active labor, at 4:48 am, weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz, and being 19.75 in. long. He's now about 8 1/2 lbs, and longer, though I don't know how much. He's a very skinny baby, and apparently much smaller than almost anyone else's baby that we've encountered, at least according to the other mothers. :) "He's so tiny!" and "That's a brand new baby!" comments follow him whenever we go out, to which I want to reply, (in good humor of course) "He's baby-sized! They're supposed to be tiny!" Anyway, we are loving having him home, and learning to take care of him.

Warning, what follows is a bit coarse and uncouth.

On another note, I've discovered what exactly women are going for in respects to their breasts. Whether they're wishing for these, or actually go for implants to get them, they want postpartum, nursing breasts. Enlarged past normal size, rounded out with swelling, and quite solidly firm. Women, it's not worth it! They are incredibly uncomfortable until your body adjusts, and they get in the way, catching more food and generally not really fitting right. Thankfully, for those having second thoughts, they do go back to normal size, or nearly, after finished nursing...or so I'm told. Anyway, ladies, learn to love what you have got, and you'll be much happier in the end. :)