Have any of you ever started a project, noticed a problem, and thought to yourself, "Not a big deal.  No one will notice.  It'll be fixed by the time I'm done."  That is exactly what I did when I began making my quilt.  Now, I must say, I've been making this queen-sized quilt since I was in junior high. (I just graduated from college last May.)  I've only got about a quarter of the squares sewn together.  Now, pulling it out after a long break from working on it, I realize just how off some of my stitching was.  I've had to go back and rip apart rows to resize them so everything lines up.  The really unfortunate thing, though, is that I cut most of my fabric back in junior high, and wasn't very precise, so everythngs not even.  

Please, take my advice.  Do it right the first time.  It's so worth it!

(Pictures of said quilt will follow when I've fixed a few things.)