Heading back to Hometown.

Well, I'm going back to my parents' place this week, as my little sister is *gulp* graduating from high school in a couple weeks and they want to get ready for the big party that will ensue.  Enter me (and ridiculously cute Jonathan). I'm heading back to sort through a bunch of stuff I've been storing somewhat in the open, (ok, in my old room, where I've still got stuff that I hung on the walls in seventh grade, when I moved in there) so that there's more room for guests, and so my little sister doesn't steal my stuff when she leaves for college. (Kidding, Michelle, kidding!:) ) Anyway, because of this, I may not be around for a bit...but then again, maybe something monumental will happen and I'll just have to write about it.  But probably not. I'll be busy, hanging out with my family and enjoying some good old-fashioned bonding time and forgetting mostly about the internet. So see you in a week!