Diggnation musings.

I'm currently watching Diggnation from over a month ago.  If you like keeping up on internet and off-the-wall news, are willing to listen to some a lot of profanity, and a bit of (how do I put this) juvenile humor, (I have to say, I find it funny) Diggnation is a great show.  We get it downloaded on our TiVo automatically, and we're trying to catch up now.  

I've found that some shows stimulate a lot of conversation for Chris and me.  A lot of the time, one or both of us haven't heard of the news they're talking about, and we find it interesting to get the different perspective presented here. Other shows, well, they just don't always have new news for us.  Chris, especially, keeps up to date with news of all sorts, and so sometimes Diggnation simply rehashes what he already knows (and has consequently already told me about as well).

Still, we really enjoy watching this show together.  Speaking of, I'm going to get back to it now!