Radio Silence and Authorship.

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. My computer isn't smashed into sparkly bits. I am not horribly incapacitated. I simply have not kept up with blogging.

It's my fault, really. (Well, of course it is. That's silly. This is my blog, I am the only one who posts here, of course it was my fault for not blogging. Anyway...) I made blogging into a chore in my mind, and therefore avoided it. I miss the days where I posted random things for the fun of it. So I will bring those days back now. I think.

I've been working on a children's book lately, mainly just for fun. I recently purchased three fairy tale books with the intent to read them to my son in the future (the stories are a bit long for his almost-one-year-old attention span at the moment,) and have been reading through them on my own first.  One thing I noticed that bothered me a bit was that everyone was pretty. Now, I have nothing against beautiful people, but the people in these stories were the heroes and heroines simply because they were beautiful, not always because they were virtuous and heroic, as one would expect. (I'm generalizing here... some stories had legitimately heroic people, with good lessons. I'm simply citing the ones that didn't.) Because of this, I began to contemplate a world in which the heroine of the story was a particularly ugly bookish girl, who kept to herself with her nose in a book. (A fate I have often confined myself to happily, as I do so love a good book...) My plan at the moment is to have her fall in love with 'a perfectly ordinary man'. No transformation into a beauty in the end, no magic prince behind the mask, a simple romance among books. I'll let you all know how it turns out.