Budget Bytes.

Let me tell you about a blog I've recently discovered. Beth at Budget Bytes has a goal - she aims to show you how to save money by cooking for yourself, and how easy it is to do just that. Each post has four things in addition to the recipe:

1.Total cost of recipe

2.Number of servings

3.Cost per serving

4.Prep/Cook Time

This is eye-opening. I tend to think in total cost of recipe, but I rarely look beyond that. I see a cut of meat that costs over $10, I keep walking. Never mind that that cut of meat may feed my family for 3 meals, and save us money! (Depends on the cut, I know.) In any case, Beth's site has opened my eyes. Even if you find nothing that you want to make from her site, (and I doubt that very much), it's still worth a look to see how you might save money with your own favorite recipes. Enjoy!