Happy Discoveries.

This weekend I am visiting family to celebrate my Gramma Eva's 85th birthday. While I'll post on this whole weekend after it's through, I thought I'd share a lovely surprise from today. This afternoon, my mom and I snuck away from the house to run a few errands and to get a new pair of jeans for me, as mine are now too large. (yay!) After trying on MANY pairs in different cuts, lengths, and styles, we made the lovely discovery that I am down not one size, as I thought, but two jean sizes! Woot! The new jeans are ever so slightly tight, but as the next size up was falling off, they'll work well. Besides, today was that much more incentive to keep working out! (let me tell you, I needed that!) on top of all that, I got a free shirt, just for buying my jeans! Awesome day. :)