I've made some discoveries about my blog over the years I've kept it. First of all, I post whenever I feel like it, not on any sort of schedule, despite often trying to keep the posts regular. I blog more when my family is occupied, or when I'm on a laptop and can post while enjoying their company. I'm still working out how to keep myself motivated to continue sharing with you all, but I will say this. I do love having this site. It's a lovely spot to share my thoughts once in awhile, and I love the conversations that come up over a recipe, a picture, or whatever is going on at the moment. There may be changes ahead to site design, content, et cetera, but what will stay constant is my love to share with all of you. So thank you, for sticking with me and leaving a thought every so often. If you have favorite posts, requests for content, or any input on where this website should head, please let me know. Thanks again!