The Devil in Pew Number Seven.

The Devil in Pew Number Seven
By Rebecca Nichols Alonzo

Sellerstown, North Carolina. A community so small it wasn't technically a township. It was here, in the early 70s, Rebecca Nichols lived through the worst six years of her life.  Rebecca's father, Robert, was a preacher. For most of his life, he'd been a revival preacher, traveling all over the south preaching where he was needed. In 1969, however, he became the pastor at the Free Welcome Church in Sellerstown, and settled with his family there. Soon after moving, he made some changes at the church, and, in doing so, upset the man who would then make his life hell for the next six years.

Horry Watts instigated a reign of terror against the preacher and his family, vowing to make them leave the town "...crawling or walking, running or riding, dead or alive…"  The phone calls in the night, the hateful letters received, were only escalation to the bombings and shootings that followed. And yet, Robert Nichols vowed he would not leave unless Lord told him to, not the devil. And so they endured.

This book are the true memories of Rebecca's childhood, laid bare, as it was. It is terrifying to look into, to see what people are capable of, just because they feel like it, and also amazing to see what can be forgiven, with God's help. I highly recommend reading this book.