The Dreamkeeper.

The Dreamkeeper
By Robert Ingpen

The Dreamkeeper is an enchanting book written from Robert Ingpen to his granddaughter, Alice Elizabeth. It tells tale of The Dreamkeeper, whom we never quite see, but about whom a fair amount is known. The book reads as though it's intended to be comforting, that this Dreamkeeper takes away the bad dreams that try to become real and returns them to the DreamTree where they belong. It misses the mark on comfort a bit though, as it seems very realistic and descriptive about what exactly is out there. Still, I enjoyed reading it. 

This was a book I got from the library to read aloud to my son. It is long for a picture book, I think intended for reading aloud rather than handing to the child to read, not that that's not an option. I would perhaps recommend it for a bit older than my son's age of five though. It's not terribly scary, but as it is so very realistic, despite being about fairy creatures, it may cause a few issues in the nightmares department for those who are prone to having dramatic dreams. Still, I would recommend this book, if only to read something a bit more creative and fanciful than the usual kids series. This book is for ages six and up for read aloud, and eight and up for reading alone.