Morning Notes.

She wandered down to the kitchen in her white fluffy slippers that he had given her ages ago. She couldn't stand them, not really, but she tolerated them for him. There was a cup of coffee there waiting for her, with a small scrap of paper just slightly underneath. She wasn't ready to deal with that yet, so she headed for the fridge instead.

The refrigerator air chilled her slightly and she pulled her robe closer around her. Milk, an old, shriveling avocado, and a half-eaten burger leftover from that pub they went to last night. She grabbed the milk and some cereal from the cupboard and poured a bowl. The cereal ran out before the bowl was even halfway filled, so she went in search of a fresh box. All that was left was a box of Lucky Charms, half open and stale, from when her niece had come to visit a month ago. She poured that into the bowl as well. It was mostly marshmallow powder and crumbs, and it made an odd combination with her Special K, but she ate it anyway.

She stood next to the sink, staring out the window at the neighbors. She could see their dining room from where she stood, and they were all settled around the table eating eggs together, the youngest in the highchair mostly throwing hers to the dog waiting happily below. She sighed, set her empty bowl in the sink and turned away. All at once she grabbed the cup of coffee, downed half of the now cold contents, and looked at the note. "I love you, I'm sorry, I can't. -H" She tore it up, dumped the rest of the coffee down the sink, and covered her face. Then, slowly, she reached down, took off her slippers, threw them away, and went back to bed.