Peeps and Art.

She liked the yellow peeps, mostly, because yellow didn't seem as garish a color to put in your body as magenta or electric blue. Violet had cut a slit in the thin plastic wrapping around their box and let them sit on the counter for a few weeks. She stared at them now, willing herself to wait. They were her Easter morning tradition, having just one before church, after her usual breakfast of eggs and toast. Violet couldn't stand them fresh, all spongy and odd textured, but once they had sat open, aged a bit, their texture became like nougat and that, that she loved.

She was on her own this year, her first year where she couldn't drive home over Easter break because her parents were in Wisconsin visiting her brother and his family, and anyway, she had a test to study for that she Could. Not. Fail. Violet had thought her art history class was going to be an easy one this year, since it was her favorite subject, but the teacher had a habit of springing pop quizzes on them, and she'd not fared well enough to be able to skate by on a planned test. So, she sat home, alone in her apartment, as her roommates had all left the day before to visit their families. She studied, ordered pizza, and watched the peeps.

Eventually, Violet grabbed the peeps and stuck them in the back of the nearly empty fridge. If she couldn't see them, she wouldn't eat them early. She closed her books and popped in The Thomas Crown Affair, the remake, because at least watching a movie about an art museum heist was a little like studying art, and she needed a break from all the dates she was supposed to remember. Her mind kept going back to the peeps though, and she finally got them out and took a bite. Delicious. 

Maybe it was time for a new tradition...