Saltdogs Games.

The weekend before school started, we went to two baseball games to cheer for our local minor league team, the Saltdogs, while they played against the Sioux Falls Canaries. Chris and I joked that we should really cheer for both teams, since we're from South Dakota, but we decided that since we were never fans there, that we'd stick with the Saltdogs. The first game, the Saltdogs lost, but it was redeemed by our having the company of a friend to talk with throughout the game. The second game, the next day, was all action, and was again improved by the company of friends, this time unplanned. We simply found each other in line to get tickets. We had a great time overall, and it was a good end to the summer.

Jonathan of course wanted to make a silly face while posing with his friend. They had a great time together!