Lincoln Children's Museum.

Jonathan and I had a great time at the Children's Museum recently. We were both having a rather bad day, but we went anyway to burn off some extra energy, and it turned out to be a great turnaround to the day. I snagged a few pictures while Jonathan briefly stood still, then it was off to the next thing. :)

Jonathan loves this area. He's standing on the top deck of a space shuttle, getting ready to go through the launch sequence. There are buttons throughout the cabin, that, when they all get pressed at the same time, the whole thing rumbles and shakes. From the outside, or possibly from the window right behind him as well, you can see the boosters mounted outside releasing "smoke". (Large gray smoke-shaped bags inflate for a minute.) As soon as it's done, the kids run around, push all the buttons, and do it again.

This room is pretty cool. There's a projected image on one wall that you can manipulate thanks to a camera watching where light is blocked. The falling sand goes around your shadow, or thereabouts, and you can even hold your arms up and gather some in the "bowl." We had lots of fun in here.