Learning to Cook.

Chris and I have talked about the things we'd like to teach Jonathan as he grows up. How to do laundry, how to clean a toilet, etc. High on the list is teaching him how to cook. I've shown him a couple things, how to measure flour and spices, how to crack an egg without exploding it, (I didn't know you could make an egg explode quite so well as my son has done. Thankfully we've *mostly* moved past that.) I'm learning patience in the process of this teaching, mainly because it's all I can do not to take over and do things "the right way" and just let him stir a bit with the wooden spoon when I'm done.

Enter Raddish Kids. They send a box to your home each month with illustrated recipes, tools, and a special patch showing the skills learned in that kit to sew onto an apron that comes in the first box. The thing I've loved about it is that we've tried new foods (we all learned to like tomato soup, something previously unheard of), and Jonathan is the head chef through it all. He can follow the instructions, assemble the ingredients, and for the most part, prepare everything himself. (Chris and I are still on onion and meat chopping duties.) Jonathan is proud of what he's making and is more willing to try new things as a result. Also, since the recipes are new to all of us, it's easier for me to let Jonathan be in charge, and do things the way the recipe shows him to! All around, this has been a great blessing for us. (Thanks Mom and Dad for the fantastic gift!!)

Jonathan measuring spices for Chilly Night Chili. We all loved it so much, he'll be making it for our church chili cook-off this Sunday!