School and Casper.

Hi all!
Well, school starts officially on Tuesday for me, when I have to go in for a choir audition, so I'm currently enjoying the last friday night before school starts. I'm really excited that Monday is my last day at work, though my boss didn't remember that until Thursday, which was the last shift I worked. I thought it was kind of funny, really. When I reminded him, he said that another girl was leaving the day before me and that he "felt kind of rejected". He said it with a smile on his face though. The other girl's a college student too, and we told him we were done when school started, he just forgot when that was. Oh well.

I'm taking 19 credits this semester. Hopefully I won't go crazy with it, but I'm preparing a half hour recital, on top of my regular school work. I also don't know who my accompanist is yet, though I did ask a friend and he's considering. I forgot to ask him a couple of key questions though, one of which is if he charges anything for his accompanying services??? Wow, that makes him sound like an escort. Completely off, but still amusing. I hope he gets back to me soon with a yea or nay. I need to know.

Also, there is an adorable black cat outside our building. Chris and I have both grown very attached, and (of course) we named her. Her name is Casper, and she seems to love it, because we have only to step outside and say 'Casper', and she comes running. She's a very snuggly lap kitty, though Chris has discovered he can't hold her anymore, as she was sitting on his lap, and fell in between his legs and dug in with her claws to hold on. She didn't break through fabric, or injure anything, (though I have to say the sight was nervously funny), but she did scratch his calf with her back claw and we're waiting to see if he reacts to it...he's allergic to cat saliva, cats lick their claws, claw get the picture. Hopefully nothing happens. In any case, I can still hold her, and we play with her almost every day outside. I know, too attached already, but it's like having a pet with no responsibility! Kind of nice. We know she gets fed, too, because not only are other people in the building feeding her, but we saw her chowing on a bird she caught the other day...that was gross.......

Ok, that's all for now. It's almost 1 am and I'm tired! I don't usually stay up this late anymore!! Goodnight.