Ages and ages have past...ok maybe a week or two.

Today is my day off. It is the first I've had in four days, and the last I'll have for five. That doesn't sound bad, except that I'm used to it being broken up a bit more. Oh well. Anyway, a lot has sort of happened. My iPod broke. Again. I have to call apple to see if I can talk them into trading this month old broken one for a brand new 60 GB model. If I do get it, it will be my fourth iPod. I got a 20 GB B&W screen when I left for college. Within a month, I had it nearly filled, so I sold that to Chris, and I bought a 40 GB. About a month and a half ago, that broke down, and I sent it in for repairs, and they sent back a brand new iPod. That brand new iPod is the one that has just broke. Confusing enough for you? I'm hoping for a 60 GB color screen.

Other than that in my life, I'm really really looking forward to having my dear friends from Summit, my roomies, come visit me. We're going to spend four days in the Hills, and I'll show them around, and we're just going to hang out and have fun. Yay! Ok, now I need to run errands, so I should probably shoot off to do those. And for the record, I still haven't called apple, because I'm a little afraid to do it on my own. Chris has much more knowledge in this and I'm afraid I'm going to screw something up and screw myself over. We'll see what happens.