Ok, so I really plan to be better about blogging in the future. Perhaps, when I get back to school, and have less, but more spread out, time, I shall blog more. What else will I have to do? (Besides practicing, homework, a job, a WONDERFUL boyfriend, and friends, of course.)

So anyway, I got to see my summit roomies, Sara and Hannah, for a few days, and we had a blast! Amanda, if you're reading this, I will call you....I'm sorry I haven't called sooner!!! I'm sure to the rest of you that was confusing. Don't worry. If you want to be more confused, please do ask and I shall elaborate. No. You know what? I'll just post a picture.

Ok, left to right is Amanda, Hannah, me, and Sara. My roomies from summit, and some of my close friends. Congrats Amanda on your soon to be new last name! I wish you the absolute best with your Love.

Well, that's about all I can handle for now. Perhaps I shall write a few letters before bed. Who knows? I can be productive when I choose to be.