The trip and future plans and such.

Hi all! By popular request, I'm going to write about all that good stuff.

So the trip. Well, Chris and I, and three other people, went to Kansas City for spring break. It was fun. We did (Chris and I) decide not to attend seminary, after visiting it there and finding that it didn't suit nearly as well as planned. Which is ok. Because we have other future plans. More on that in a minute. We also went to this great place called Swagat Indian Cuisine. Authentic indian food, slightly expensive, but split a $45 bill four ways isn't too bad for 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, 3 orders of bread, and coconut soup for me (my favorite dish!!!). Definitely my favorite restaurant that we went to on the trip. We also went to an outdoor shopping mall, a movie, and hung out at sem. It was a lot of fun.

Future plans. Well, Chris is planning to get his Masters in Business Administration while I finish up my undergrad, and then when we're both done, I'm planning on grad school. Near future plans and such? Well, my good ol' 8 am class is in the morning, and if I get to bed now, I can get just over six hours of sleep. Goodnight!