Just a quick note.

Just thought I'd answer a couple questions...

I am planning to get my masters, (doctorate? Possible, doubtful, though...) in Music ( and by that I mean vocal) performance. Right now I"m looking at different grad schools, just sort of scoping them out to know what I need to work towards...two that are plausible and still in consideration right now are USD Grad school, which is more practical simply because I don't have to wait a year between graduation and starting grad school. Another school is University of MInnesota, which would be very cool, very worth it to be able to attend there...it is somewhat expensive, but relatively cheap as the grad schools I've looked at so far go. It's around 7,000 for a non-resident, per semester, and most other schools that I've looked at are at least 12,000.

Amanda, I have no idea what tests you were talking about, to be honest, but now that I've got the heads up, I'll look into them. :)