A study in irony.

Here's what I find ironic. Recently I heard a review of the movie "Failure to Launch". In it, the film critic was asking how truly believable the movie is, with Matthew McConaughey as a single man who still lives at home. Now, while I don't dispute this, I must say I think they've overlooked a few very important facts.
Fact #1: How many undesirable actors are there in hollywood? Based on looks, I mean. How many unattractive actors could they truly have cast? Besides, if they had, how many people would have come? Hey, I can be cynical about the critics and the fans as well.
Fact #2: How are they to know who should marry young, and who needs more time? Or for that matter, who should marry at all? Now, I know I'm being very critical of a movie, and a movie review, and taking it well beyond the parameters they intended, but this is still the message that everyone gets from hollywood. If you are young, fit, and beautiful/handsome, you must marry early, but not too early, oh, and by the way you will hate it, get divorced and marry again later on. You will have kids, but not too many, and they will be a pain and suck you dry but ultimately be rewarding. Now, not all of these things are good, or bad, but why can you not marry when you're older, or when you're younger (as I will be,) than society's "norm"? Why marry at all if you do not want to? If you don't have the desire, then you really are doomed to be unhappy in a marriage. Children are rewarding, and at this point I don't think I'll mind if they "suck me dry", I'd be perfectly happy with lots of them. But anyway, my point was originally that Hollywood shouldn't be able to determine who marries whom when. Societies norms, like all norms, were made to be broken.

I personally loved the movie, with the exception that I saw much more of Terry Bradshaw than I ever, EVER wanted to.