Visiting Pierre.

Hi all! I know it's been awhile.
Well, I'm back in Pierre this weekend. I apologize to my friends from Pierre that I didn't let you know, as I honestly thought I wouldn't be having any downtime to hang out. As it is, it's both of my parents birthdays this week, as well as my mother-in-laws birthday today. Chris and I came home to celebrate with them. Unfortunately, my parents had a wedding to attend in Sioux Falls yesterday, so they've been gone, and should be back tonight. Thankfully, I've got tomorrow off from school, due to the holiday (columbus/native american day).


Ok, so I didn't finish the post yesterday, and now I'm home. It was a great weekend, and I fully enjoyed spending time with everyone, despite being the ultimate loser of all four games my parents and Chris and I played together. I came in last on every one!!! Oh well, must have been an off day, because I've won all those games before.

:) Good to be home.