OS Updates.

Ok, Chris is probably going to blog about this, but we got Mac OS X Leopord today. I have to admit, it's pretty sweet. Brings out the geek in even me, a non-geek, (well, a non computergeek, that is). It's got a great way of organizing your windows, say if you've got iTunes, the internet, a chat, and a couple homework documents open...it's like having four, or up to sixteen, seperate computers to work with, since you can put them in different spaces...essentially, they each get their own screen space. You can still have music playing in the background as you're working on another screen, but you don't have to deal with that window unless you want to. It's difficult to explain, but really cool to see. There are bunches of other cool things that they did to the system too, including it's just plain pretty now. So yeah. Cool.