Updates and pictures.

Ok, well, I think it's probably time for some updates. I've been on break from school, which has been somewhat of a blessing and a curse. I've gotten next to no work done, which was one of my goals for break, but the reason has been that I've been either sick or exhausted for most of break, partly due to my being pregnant. I finally figured out why I was so tired, and I've been doing better the past two days, but it was pretty ridiculous for awhile there. (I would sleep in till 11 or 11:30, then oftentimes take an afternoon nap.) The reason for me being so tired was because I'd lost all appetite for any food, not because I was nauseous, but just because I wasn't ever hungry, and so my body didn't get enough to keep everything going great and keep me awake at the same time...rather dumb on my part. I've started eating at regular intervals whether I'm hungry or not, though I still can't bring myself to eat much of anything even then. At least I'm staying awake now.
Also because of this craziness, I've now lost over 20 pounds. I'm supposed to be putting on about a pound a week now, but clearly that's not happening. Oh well. I suppose that should turn around soon enough. The weird thing is that some of my clothes are too big now, like my jeans, and I got rid of all my belts because they'd stopped fitting...I'm not used to having this kind of problem!
In other news, school starts Thursday, and I need to do some homework at least to prove I didn't waste my whole break, so now I'll probably be cramming for my last few days free. The good news is that I found a shortcut (totally legal and not breaking any school rules here) on the internet where I don't have to do forty pages of translating a public domain song...I finally found a legitamate translation. I can mostly read the german, since the words are simple, but I was having a very difficult time fitting the words to the music. Now I just have to get the translation approved by my profs at the end of the week, and I can finish thatwhole weird project.
Also this week I have my first real doctor's appointment for the baby. It should be nice to get some questions off the table and see how big "Jellybean" has grown. (We nicknamed the baby jellybean, because that's the size and shape it was at the first ultrasound, and it kind of stuck. Oh well, it's cute, and if it's a girl, we'll probably keep calling her that...if it's a boy, well, we're not that mean...)
Finally, I was bored tonight and I decided to edit another picture. I've posted the original first, so that you can see the difference. It's my sister Susan, for anyone who doesn't know, and I only changed her eyes. Click on the pictures for a really good look.