Rehearsing and baby news.

Well, for all of my loyal readers out there who thought I gave up on posting, I'm back! Actually, you've all probably just figured out that you should check back once a month or so....I should be better at this by now!

Anyway, I found some more great pictures that I want to post, but I feel I've deprived you all so long of an actual update that I should do that first. So, here it is.

It hit me last night that I've got about a month until my recital, and I'm still learning notes on some, (read, most) of my pieces. Because of this, I actually chose to go to bed at a reasonable time so that I could get up and go to school before my first class and practice. I meet with my accompanist today to practice immediately after my first class, and I always feel terrible if I show up unprepared and she is, so I'm going to work for most of an hour to rehearse, so I can be ready. My first class is at 11 am, so as soon as I finish this post and pack a lunch, I"m on my way to school.

In other news, Baby is growing, and definitely kicking hard now, especially at night and during choir practice. (I think the loudness of rehearsal is getting through and Baby is protesting at being woken up, as I don't notice movement in the mornings and can only assume Baby is sleeping then.) We find out what sex the baby is next week, and I will take comments on this post if you all want to know. However, if anyone protests, I'll just have to figure out how to tell those that want to know individually.....since I probably should do that anyway. :) This is all dependant on Baby being cooperative for the ultrasound and sitting so the doctor can see, of course.

Ok, I really need to get to school to practice, so here are my pictures I wanted to load. I found them in a group on facebook called "Everytime you write parallel fifths, Bach kills a kitten." I am not a member, and yes, it is very much a music major joke. I still like the pictures though.