Margaret and the Wedding.

Margaret fidgeted in her seat. Her mother had given her a couple crayons and a small pad of paper to keep her occupied, but she'd filled them up, front and back. The ceremony hadn't even started yet, and she was bored. She kicked her feet, which was okay right up until she accidentally kicked the back of the seat in front of her, where her grandmother Marie was sitting. She turned her head and gave Margaret such a look that she sat still for a full minute afterward.

Margaret started tugging at one of her braids and fiddling with the end of it. It was something her mother couldn't stand her doing, since she usually ended up working the band out and unraveling the braid, but her mother was focused on getting her sister's dress settled just right at the back of the church.  Allison got to be the flower girl for their cousin June's wedding, and Margaret was stuck sitting behind her grandmother, bored. Her mother finally came and slipped into the seat next to her. The music started, and she leaned out of her chair a little bit and looked up the aisle to her sister. Allison started to toss rose petals on the church floor by giant fistfuls, and she stuck out her tongue at Margaret. Margaret looked around quickly to see if anyone else saw her do it, and would yell at her, but they were all looking behind her at the bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids, all seven of them, wore hot pink heels and dark blue dresses that only reached their knees. Margaret loved their shoes. They reminded her of the shoes that came with her Barbie. She felt bad for the bridesmaids though. Her mother had made her wear her pink cowboy boots and her brown scratchy pants, because they were warm, and there was snow outside. The bridesmaids looked cold, and they were still inside. They didn't even have sleeves! They walked up the aisle so gracefully, though, that Margaret soon forgot about the cold. She watched them arrive at the front of the church, release the arms of the groomsmen escorting them, and step, wobbling slightly, up the steps to wait for the bride.

The music changed. Margaret looked back again and watched as Cousin June walked in the room on Uncle Robert's arm. Margaret gasped. She looked like a princess! Her dress was poofy and sparkly, with a dark blue sash tied in a giant bow around her waist, and she had a big bouquet of hot pink roses in her hand. She would be warm enough, too, Margaret decided. Her dress reached the floor, and she even had pretty lace sleeves all the way to her elbows. June kissed Uncle Robert on the cheek and walked up the steps.

Margaret decided she'd count the candles around everyone on stage, but there were so many she lost count. The pastor started talking and she snuggled into her mother's side. Before she knew it, her mother was gently shaking her awake. The ceremony had ended, Cousin June was now married, and it was time to get up.

"Time for cake?" Margaret had been looking forward to the cake all day.

Her mother smiled. "Yes, time for cake."