I'm nearly done harvesting everything from our garden. I need to do final cleanup this week, pulling up dead plants and trimming others, but I'm somewhat dreading it, mainly for the mosquitoes and other bugs that have taken up residence, who like to defend their territory against me. It must be done though, as our last yard waste pick up day is Thursday. It seems earlier this year, even though it's not. Oh well. Harvest has gone well this year, despite my having lost interest in the garden in August, as I always do, only gaining interest again when it was cooler in late September. Everything survives without me at this point, especially since it's started raining again. I can't remember the last time I watered my garden, honestly.

I'm planning out what to plant for next year, changing out the watermelon for some sort of squash, probably, picking a new variety of green beans and cucumber, trying to remap where I'll plant things. I enjoy this planning, despite things rarely turning out the way that I plan. It's good to hope for next year, while settling into this season a bit more. This is my favorite season, and I intend to enjoy whatever it brings.