Things I love, Part 3.

Things I love! Mostly stuff off of Etsy, but not all. Let's jump right in!

These lovely felt flowers are beautiful. I could attempt making some, but I'm pretty positive that they wouldn't turn out nearly as lovely. The colors here even match my living room!!

How I wish I had an excuse to wear lovely hats like this one. Perhaps someday. :)

I actually have this, and love using it. Its greatly useful for taking casseroles to potlucks, meals to friends, and it even doubles as an apron! LOVE.

I love the cute bike and the color on this.

Eventually I'm going to get this to hang over my sewing area. The colors are so bright and cheery!

This just makes me laugh.


Disclaimer: None of these sellers know I exist, I just like their stuff. Hope you do too!