Sundries of the Week.

The Rolling Stones made a Rice Krispies commercial.

Gear and advice for plus size bike riders.

Hamburg, Germany is banning single use coffee capsules, and others are following suit.

I've never been so happy to skip the pre-grated stuff and buy a block of parmesan cheese.

Apparently some kids just don't 'get' Kevin Spacey.

This is what happens when you ask to get hacked.

These voices need to be heard.

Some names are just hard.

Sundries of the week.

Here's a few of the things I've been reading this week:

If you've ever been unsure of what to do with snapchat, or what it even is, check out this slightly ridiculous article. How to snapchat like the teens

How this was not a huge story in its time somewhat amazes me. Snowbound Supermodels 

I think I would be an annoyance in a professional kitchen. I don't think I'm quite this precise. Chefs and their tape.

I've loved most of the Ok Go videos released thus far, and this new one is no exception. How it is a one shot astonishes me. Upside Down and Inside Out

If you follow people in the food world, this may interest you. 13 people to know in the food world right now.

Bravery right here. :) I let my Grandma dress me for a week.

I'm not entirely on board with prepping, but I do appreciate this approach a lot more than most I come across. Survival Mom

The article is good, but this is worth checking out for the pictures alone. Surfing Jaws

I would love to cook this soon, though I'm not sure that my guys would enjoy it as much as I would. Winter Panzanella


Things I Love, Part 2.

Time for another Things I Love post! First of all, I love All kinds of cool stuff there.


These are unpaper towels. They look great. Eventually I hope to get some and switch over, not needing paper towels anymore. Buy them here.


These are just plain fun. :) 


I plan to get one of these when I actually have dirt to plant in. Each notch is an inch, so it helps you accurately plant seeds and bulbs to the correct depth.


Just. So. Cute! Buy here


Makes me laugh. Every time. Buy here.


I don't get any money from any of these links, these people don't even know who I am. Just want to share the cool stuff I've found. :)