Money Saving Tips.

Whether or not the economy is up or down, (and it still seems pretty down...) we all benefit from saving money, no matter whether we're saving for a nice night out or a new car or home. I've decided to compile my list of money saving tips that I've discovered or that people have given me over the years. Please share any you've found in the comments section.

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Allow me to rejoice.

I now weigh what I did when I got married. It hasn't been that long, about 2 1/2 years, but between having a baby and simply not always watching what I ate, I ended up 11 lbs heavier. I realize, this isn't incredibly terrible, but it wasn't great either, considering I was overweight to begin with.
But let's get past the past. What does this mean for me now? I can fit into some of my favorite clothes again. I can shop for clothes at target again. (Cheap, but great place to get layering clothes.) I will need new jeans soon. (My current ones are slightly loose straight out of the dryer and get crazy loose by the end of the day.) I am simply more comfortable with myself, more confident. I don't feel guilty having the occasional high calorie or high fat meal as I always have before, because I know it's not the end of the world, it's one day, one meal.
I'm by no means stopping here. My doctor has challenged me to lose 20 more lbs by June. I will try to be open and honest along the way, and let you all know how I do. Until then, please excuse me as I go celebrate this mini victory!

Practicing Yoga.

I went to my first yoga class the morning I was to meet my parents to shop for my wedding dress.  The class was at 6 am, and I was to meet them in a town an hour away at 9. I wasn't sure what to expect out of our marathon shopping day ahead, but I knew I was going to need energy, and I wanted a quick tone up as well. 

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10,000 Steps.

Recently, I purchased a pedometer, as my old promotional gift one finally broke. It's a rather nice one, an Omron something or other, which fits in your pocket with a little safety clip, rather than clipping on the hip, which my old one did.  I really do like it, but I've come to realize something. I don't walk very much. I move around our apartment quite a bit, (I'm a stay-at-home mom and piano/voice teacher out of my home...) but I don't get out much for walks. This makes the old '10,000 step' workout rather difficult, as I struggle to reach 5,000 on a busy shopping day out! I realize the point is to add in walks into your routine, but an extra 5,000 seems a lot to pull out of nowhere! Maybe it's just me...anyone else have any success doing the 10,000 step workout?