May has come and gone, and this site has remained undisturbed. My regular readers may be somewhat used to this, as my creativity, hand in hand with my free time, tends to come in fits and spurts. I am ever working on this, but in the meantime, thank you for being patient with me. :) 

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New Quilt.

Guys, I just had to share this with you. I'm not paid anything for this, full disclosure, I just happened to get myself this quilt and wanted to share the deal with you.

These quilts are $20-30 dollars right now, depending on what size you get, and the shipping is $5. They are thin but rather heavy, making for a nice winter quilt with another blanket, or possibly a nice summer quilt all on its own. (Have yet to test this, as I've only had ours a couple weeks.) I bought mine when they were on sale for $12.50 (the queen, we bought the blue one) but at $25 (again for the queen size) they are still a steal. I highly recommend you check them out. Also, these quilts, same prices, are great looking, though I don't own one myself and so cannot attest to the quality, (it's probably good though).


I always put off doing dishes. It's not that I terribly despise doing them, and I definitely enjoy the result of having a clean kitchen, but there are just so many other things I'd rather be doing. My mom has always taught me that it makes things much easier if you wash dishes as you go, as in washing as you make them, so when you're done cooking you don't have a mountain of dishes left behind. Also, she recommends finishing any meal dishes immediately following said meal. I've never mastered either of these things. Sometimes I think it would make life much easier if I looked forward to them, if I enjoyed the actual washing of dishes act. Who knows...

Money Saving Tips.

Whether or not the economy is up or down, (and it still seems pretty down...) we all benefit from saving money, no matter whether we're saving for a nice night out or a new car or home. I've decided to compile my list of money saving tips that I've discovered or that people have given me over the years. Please share any you've found in the comments section.

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Spring Cleaning and Gardens.

I find myself in the midst of spring cleaning. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, and I've locked myself indoors with noxious chemicals. (Well, mainly clorox wipes and dust rags, but still...) It looks so lovely outside, I find myself wanting my home to compare, if not match, that beauty. And so, with dust rag in hand, I have been sorting through my shelves, my cabinets, and my closets and dusting everything in sight while tossing in the donation bin anything that has seen better days.

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Office Organization.

I find that getting new organizational 'tools' every so often helps me keep on top of the mess that engulfs my desk regularly.  Granted, most of these things are just new ways to store my clutter, or else they are notebooks and/or planners within which to catalogue it, but it makes me feel better to be in possession of such things.  Most recently, I ordered some decorative file folders to organize the various manuals and warranties that are currently in a revlon bag by the door of our home office.  In addition to this, I ordered a new office caddy for my desktop, to replace the various colors of metal mesh caddies littered about.  I'm hoping that since what I ordered is both slightly bigger and better matched to my desk, my desk will be less cluttered as well as better looking.  Yeah, I'm a sucker for marketing.  On another note, today I must rewrite the giant whiteboard monthly calendar that I got in hopes of its keeping me a bit more organized...  

What do you do to keep organized?  


It is amazing to me how two people can amass clutter and mess so quickly.  Granted, I was that way before I was married, creating enough mess for two people on my own.  I'm just not a 'neat' person.  I clean for company, and try to keep our home fairly organized and picked up, but it seems that within hours of being clean, our place is back to where it started.  If I was super busy, this would really annoy me, but as it is, I stay home with Jonathan each day and have time to deal.  Whether I do or not, that is another matter entirely. :) 

What about all of you?  Are you the 'clean for company' type, do you enjoy cleaning, or are you somewhere in between?  

We've moved!

Hi all! I'm blogging from our new apartment in Lincoln, NE. It's way nicer than the one we had in Vermillion, though the office is a bit smaller....that's ok though, we have a third room now, and a much larger kitchen/living room. We even have a balcony now, on which we will soon be placing a new gas grill. (Lincoln has a ban on charcoal grills within city limits which "forced" us to upgrade grills...we just haven't purchased the new one yet.)
That's all for now, as I should probably keep unpacking, or be social with our family, or something. :)